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Shelter of Flint

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Emergency Shelter
Shelter of Flint’s emergency shelter houses up to 70 people each night. Although emergency shelter is a vital band-aid to an immediate problem, it is not a permanent solution. Our emergency shelter program is truly that – a program. We are not simply sheltering people for a single night to have them return to the streets the next day. An individual or family that comes to our emergency shelter typically stays for 30-90 days. Throughout that stay, we work with them to resolve the issues that brought about their homelessness, and help them move to the next step on the housing continuum.

Our emergency shelter serves the individuals and families in our community, including women, male and female single parents, and two parent households who experience a wide range of homelessness-contributing circumstances.


Program Description

Permanent Supportive Housing
Permanent Supportive Housing provides affordable housing coupled with supportive services to our homeless clients with emotional, mental or physical disabilities. All Permanent Supportive Housing clients are provided with affordable rents, case management, life skills workshops and other programs that improve quality of life.

Supportive Services
As Shelter of Flint assists each client with developing a long-range plan toward permanent stability, we take into account the need to that address safe, affordable housing, employment, education and training, health care, counseling and treatment, and the safety and well-being of their children.

Each family or individual has a case manager who cares about them, and take a personal interest in helping them succeed. In addition to working on specific, immediate needs, the case manager also helps with assessment and referrals, life skills development, and connections to community resources.

Homeless Outreach
The Homeless Outreach Program serves a vital role in our community as a point of entry into homeless services for the citizens of Genesee County. The program provides: homeless verification through street outreach for housing programs; wrap around services, partnering with other community agencies to serve clients; intake for clients for Continuum of Care programs; and information and referral leading to human services available in Genesee County. This program also provides transportation for consumers seeking employment, applying for public benefits, and locating housing in all Continuum of Care programs.

Programs for Children
Nearly 60% of those who stay with us are children under the age of ten. These special shelter residents are often too young to understand why they are with us, but they are old enough to be scared, worried, and unsure about their future. Caterpillar Clubhouse seeks to provide these children with the tools they need to be successful, both educationally and socially.


Paul Kilgore
Hours of Operation
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
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924 Cedar Street , Flint, Michigan 48503, United States
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