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Donations with Love Foundation

Donations with Love Foundation is a nonprofit organization. We operate here in the Genesee County area. We are a diverse organization and we help everyone.

The Donations With Love Foundation (DWLF) was established in 2015 to serve young people between 11 and 19 years of age, as well as at risk veterans across the Flint, Beecher, Grand Blanc, Swartz Creek, and Mount Morris communities. The vision of our organization was to use new and creative ideas to give the members of our local community a platform to discover new ways of thinking and to solve problems without resorting to drugs, violence, and possibly suicide.
Our mission has expanded to now to include senior adults. We provide empowerment and literacy programs that educate the community on the effects of suicide, crisis, and drug addiction prevention. Our organizational strategy uses a combination of videos raining workshops for K-12 and adults to inform them about safe medication, crisis and suicide prevention. Our goal is to help all we encounter learn how to be in touch with their emotions and to engage in positive expression that will allow their emotions to create a better state of mind for them every day.
The rate of adolescent suicide has increased dramatically in the past few decades, prompting several interventions to try and help curb the increase. Unfortunately, many of the intervention efforts have not benefited from current research findings because the communication between researchers and those who develop the interventions is inadequate. DWLF has been able to help and empower not only adolescents, but also the family as a whole. Our creative activities include integrated primary prevention efforts; suicide prevention professionals; education and policies on firearm management; education for the media about adolescent suicide; more efficient identification and treatment of at-risk youth, including those exposed to suicidal behavior, crisis intervention, and treatment for those who attempt suicide.
Program Description

The Donations With Love Foundation’s
(DWLF) program will focus on and address the needs associated with Suicide and Crisis Prevention across the Flint community. The association between mental illness and suicide is one of the most researched topics today. People who live with a mental disorder in contemporary society are more likely to have a number of risk factors associated with suicide. Suicide attempts often occur in a crisis where the anxiety, psychic pain, and feelings of being overwhelmed, helpless, and hopeless increase the suicide risk. Noncompliance with treatment and inadequate treatment may be important risk factors for suicide. In this case, it is not the mental disorder in and of itself that results in greater suicide risk, but rather inadequate, inappropriate, or incomplete treatment for the disorder. Suicides occur at different times during the course of mental disorders depending upon the specific disorder. The goal of DWLF is to help inform the youth of our community regarding the things that lead to crisis situations and often to
attempted suicide and suicide. We will heighten awareness as to how it affects young people and the community at large through the help of family crisis coaches, and certified instructors to facilitate workshops to educate parents and youth on depression d anxiety problems.



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