Serenity House- Peer Recovery Coaching and Recovery Support Groups


Serenity House- Peer Recovery Coaching and Recovery Support Groups

Serenity House Communities (SHC) is a recovery community organization founded in 2015 by Tara Moreno-Wallen as a substance use disorder prevention service. SHC provides substance use and co-occurring disorders prevention for men, women, adolescents, and children. 

Services are conducted utilizing a Community Resiliency model that meets participants in their current stage of change and empowers them towards a path of recovery. SHC provides a wide spectrum of services including advocacy and educational events to reduce stigma, recovery coaching and recovery support groups.

SHC is committed to promoting change and awareness, reducing stigma and shame by providing a better understanding of recovery. All services and projects conducted by SHC take place in a strategic planning framework that includes attention to assessing the needs of our participants; assessing and building capacity for the benefit of our participants, researching, and applying evidence-based and culturally accepted healing approaches and using outcome and evaluation to drive services, as evidenced by the results of our data collection and analysis. 

SHC is aware of cultural diversity and provides cultural competency awareness that helps those who are affiliated with SHC to effectively operate within different cultural contexts with sensitivity toward members of other ethnic or cultural groups.

This program aligns with Tier III Priorities by creating a Recovery Community Organization (RCO) that will be a community coalition created for the purposes of effecting change in targeted areas including stigma reduction, increase community awareness about addiction and recovery, establish a “home” for the recovering community, and to provide community trainings and awareness events. This project is part of a growing trend to establish RCO’s across the country. The formation of a Recovery Community Organization also supports peer development, within a Recovery Oriented System of Care framework.

Program Description

A Recovery Coach’s job is to support a participant in pursuing their own goals. A recovery coach is a person with lived experience and uses that experience to meet people where they are at on their recovery journey. A coach can help with the following things:

*Helping a person form a plan of action
*Directing that person to the right resources
*Helping them navigate the systems in place
*Providing accountability and support
*Offering guidance in developing new behavior patterns
*Helping them view their progress objectively
*Assisting in harm reduction for addictive behaviors
*Providing holistic modalities that include acupuncture, reiki and emotional freedom techniques

In other words, a recovery coach helps people with the gritty, day-to-day process of overcoming addiction, codependency & trauma. Recovery coaches are the “boots on the ground.”

Adding holistic options can help the recovery process by providing tools to create more stability in a person’s life. This can help the recovery process along so that the person is better able to deal with the systems in place.


Tara Moreno
Hours of Operation
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1019 Church Street , Flint, Michigan 48502, United States
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