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Nicotine Anonymous®

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Nicotine Anonymous is a fellowship of people helping each other to live our lives free of nicotine. We share our experience, strength, and hope with each other so that we may be free from this powerful addiction. The only requirement for membership is the desire to stop using nicotine. There are no dues or fees for Nicotine Anonymous membership; we are self supporting through our own contributions. Nicotine Anonymous is not allied with any sect, denomination, political entity, organization or institution, does not engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any cause. Our primary purpose is to offer support to those who are trying to gain freedom from nicotine.

Program Description

What is Nicotine Anonymous?
Nicotine Anonymous is a worldwide fellowship of people who have felt the terrible grip of nicotine addiction. We found a way to live and grow without using nicotine. We share this program freely with each other and with all who wish to join us.
We know that nicotine is a subtle, yet powerful mind and mood altering substance, and that a compelling urge for it can return at any time. Many who have stopped using nicotine for years have found themselves using it once more. Therefore, we meet regularly to avoid slipping back into its grip. Our primary purpose is to help others, and thus ourselves, to live free of nicotine.

What are Nicotine Anonymous meetings?
Nicotine Anonymous meetings consist of two of more people getting together to share a common desire to be free of nicotine. Members share their experience, strength and hope. They learn what others have experienced while withdrawing from nicotine and how they can use the Nicotine Anonymous program to live nicotine free. In meetings, newcomers are introduced to the Twelve Steps of recovery. Due to our tradition of anonymity, members find meetings safe places to share their problems and feelings. We respect each other by listening without inserting criticism or unsolicited advice. Telephone numbers are exchanged to extend support between meetings. Sponsors are sought to help us with the program. Service provides positive opportunities to grow. Perhaps most importantly, we find we are not alone in our struggle against nicotine.

Who can join Nicotine Anonymous?
Anyone with a desire to stop using nicotine can join Nicotine Anonymous, be they “youthful beginners” or “seasoned users.” We may vary in any number of other ways, but nicotine addiction is the one thing all members have in common. When we meet as NicA members, we seldom notice our differences; we create unity and strength by focusing on our common desire to live free of nicotine.

How much will Nicotine Anonymous cost me?
There are no dues or fees for membership. Each group pays rent, refreshments, and literature costs from money contributed voluntarily by its members at each meeting. Funds collected beyond group expenses can be contributed to their local intergroup and World Services to assure that they continue to function for the groups. No member accepts money for the help he or she gives to newcomers, for being an elected member, or for performing any other non-professional service for Nicotine Anonymous. The payment we receive for these services is our own ongoing freedom from nicotine.

Find an online, phone, or face-to-face meeting here: https://www.nicotine-anonymous.org/find-a-meeting



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