Nationwide ARM Program- Delayed Sentence/Deferred Judgement (HYTA)


Nationwide ARM Program- Delayed Sentence/Deferred Judgement (HYTA)

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ARM Program offers court ordered and prevention programs.

We have been partnered with courts since 1999, helping defendants in the criminal justice system accept responsibility and arm themselves with better alternatives through our programs.

We are dedicated to achieving our goals by employing proven strategies to change offenders’ values and beliefs, build their competency skills and hold them accountable. The result is reduced recidivism, improved public safety and enhanced quality of life for those in our communities. We strive to be an integral partner of a model justice system.

We envision: Offenders taking responsibility for their behavior, enhancing their skills and leading lawful lives. Our communities benefiting from a reduced recidivism rate and confidently investing in the criminal justice process.

Our organization is also expanding our juvenile and youth prevention eLearning programs and services in schools throughout Michigan.

Program Description

The Holmes Youthful Trainee Act (HYTA) Program focuses on reducing and eliminating both poor decision making and coping mechanisms which are associated with HYTA offenses.

The HYTA Program will include topics on peer influences, successful decision making skills, problem solving, taking responsibility, and the results from these behavior changes. As a last part of this class, members will also work on developing a few short and long term goals. This is designed to assist them in forward thinking and developing a plan (much like problem solving) to increase their chances of success. Topics to be included will be the circle of influence, needs-profile assessment, human needs pyramid (see attachments). This class will also discuss the lifelong consequences and impact for those who fail to take a HTYA plea such as career and school scholarships and the creation of a criminal history.


Amanda Rushlow


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