Nationwide ARM Program- Alcohol Awareness/Highway Safety Program (AAP)


Nationwide ARM Program- Alcohol Awareness/Highway Safety Program (AAP)

Organization Name

Nationwide ARM Program offers court ordered and prevention programs.

We have been partnered with courts since 1999, helping defendants in the criminal justice system accept responsibility and arm themselves with better alternatives through our programs.

We are dedicated to achieving our goals by employing proven strategies to change offenders’ values and beliefs, build their competency skills and hold them accountable. The result is reduced recidivism, improved public safety and enhanced quality of life for those in our communities. We strive to be an integral partner of a model justice system.

We envision: Offenders taking responsibility for their behavior, enhancing their skills and leading lawful lives. Our communities benefiting from a reduced recidivism rate and confidently investing in the criminal justice process.

Our organization is also expanding our juvenile and youth prevention eLearning programs and services in schools throughout Michigan.

Program Description

The Alcohol Awareness Program provides an introduction to the negative effects that alcohol use can have on functioning. It is a one-day (six-hour) course designed to target defendants who have been convicted of alcohol-related offenses. The program can accommodate participants for whom alcohol use played a role in the primary offense; these may include domestic violence, theft, assault, child abuse/neglect and Malicious Destruction of Property.

The Program provides a safe, non-judgmental environment in order to encourage participants to openly explore their behavior. Themes of personal accountability and positive change will be emphasized. The harmful effects of alcohol use on emotional and physical health, relationships, employment, family dynamics and legal status will be identified and reinforced.

Participants will learn to recognize and understand the progressive nature of chemical dependency and techniques for breaking the cycle of addiction. The Program’s highly structured, interactive format emphasizes the important roles of goal setting and support systems on positive change.


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