FREE behavior intervention courses that challenge social norms and perceptions of risk, address behavioral strategies and motivate individuals to change are available to youth in Genesee County 


Dear Genesee County Educators, 

The Genesee County Prevention Coalition (GCPC) would like to offer your students an opportunity to avoid suspension for conduct violations and increase their use of healthy coping strategies. We realize that many youth in Genesee County are still struggling with the impact of social isolation and emotional distress. Often unhealthy coping behaviors develop and create an even greater problem, especially when substances like alcohol, marijuana and nicotine are used to manage daily life stressors. The GCPC has purchased courses through 3rd Millennium Classrooms that give students the chance to examine their choices and develop an alternative action plan. Courses are offered online and can be used as an alternative to suspension or as a brief intervention for repeating conduct violations for vaping and other substance use. There is also a course for parents to assist with reinforcing healthy choices and having difficult conversations. Please review the attached documents for more information and course descriptions. 

If you would like to move forward with setting up the referral process for accessing 3rd Millennium Classrooms, please complete the School Referral Form link below. Once we receive this form the student and parent will be contacted to register for the course. After the student is registered, they will receive an email with the course description and access code. The student will then log onto 3rd Millennium Classrooms with that code to take the course free of charge (a $60 value). Upon completion of the course, the student immediately receives a certificate of completion. The GCPC will notify the school contact person when the student has completed the course. 

GCPC Student Referral Form: https://forms.office.com/r/BaBChun6ft 

If privacy is a concern, only the student has access to the information provided within the course content. After completion of the program, the student will receive a personalized feedback report that can be used to further support the development of healthy behavioral strategies. The GCPC only sees the student’s first & last name and where they are at in the course progression. If the student does not complete the course within 2 weeks, the school contact person will be notified and can determine if the student should be removed from the course or allowed a one-week extension to complete the course. If the student does not complete the course within that time frame they will be removed from the course. The privacy policy for 3rd Millennium Classrooms can be made available upon request. 

If you have questions about this program or would like to schedule a demo of the 3rd Millennium Classroom courses please contact Andrea Keller, GCPC Office Manager, at 810.285.9047 or AKeller@theGCPC.org. 

Your Partner in Prevention, 

Lisa Fockler, BAA, MCHES, CPC

Executive Director 

Genesee County Prevention Coalition 

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