Build Assets, Reduce Risky Behaviors


Research shows the more assets a young person has, the less likely they are to engage in high-risk behaviors.

According to the Search Institute, “The Developmental Assets® are 40 research-based, positive experiences and qualities that influence young people’s development, helping them become caring, responsible, and productive adults. Based in youth development, resiliency, and prevention research, the Developmental Assets framework has proven to be effective and has become the most widely used approach to positive youth development in the United States and, increasingly, around the world”(40 Developmental Assets).

Now is the time to take action towards building these assets within your own family, community, and young people as a whole. External assets include support, empowerment, boundaries and expectations, and constructive use of time. Internal assets are commitment to learning, positive values, social competencies, and positive identity.

Visit the link: http://www.search-institute.org/content/40-developmental-assets-adolescents-ages-12-18, to see the full breakdown of the 40 Developmental Assets.

The more assets a young person has the more likely they will be to engage in positive and healthy behaviors. Become more engaged today and help create a successful tomorrow for a young person in your life.